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Specialization in Transportation and Facilitation Movements of many sectors In the Egyptian society Between different towns and cities



Serving the Communities by Making a Mobility Process Citizens and parcels through technology In a modern, faster way And at an economical cost

Drivers are our partners, not employees

Instead of using 4 cars to the same destination we are 4 people We will use 1 car to travel to the same place to reduce carbon emissions and more active.


  • Environmentally

    Emissions reduction carbon reduce pollution Hearing is a disturbance cars Reduce visual pollution By relieving congestion

  • Socially

    acquaintance between people and their culture the different

  • Economic

    improve income reduce unemployment save from cost travel

  • Tourism

    Tourism support By promoting places and tourist attractions in Egypt cross screen Application Announcements


Female TransportationWomen's safety

Facilitate the movement of the woman and enable it where possible for the mirror  Travel to other cities With suitable prices And high safety standards

Drivers & Clients have the same Application

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